Iramont Inc. Is a Canadian (Laval, Qc) company with an expertise in the formulation and production of potassium-based super absorbent polymer (SAP) granules (hydrogels) and clay soil stabilization treatment technology.


Iramont was founded in 2004 by Dr. Seyed Ali Hashemi, who through 35 years of research has developed innovative world-class eco-friendly products and technologies used by companies to increase their productivity, competitive edge and profitability.

Iramont is committed to providing its customers with world-class products and services, and providing technical expertise in assisting them in achieving their objectives.


Email: info@iramont.ca


Head office in Canada (Montreal)

Tel: (514) 300-2007

fax: (514) 300-2012



767, Avenue Lajoie 

Dorval, Quebec, Canada 

H9P 1G7 

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